Bye Bye 👋

🤖 It's been a wonderful journey. See you & goodbye! 🤖

Over the past 2 years, we have had the pleasure of powering millions of conversations in dozens of languages everyday. We believe in the power of conversations, and we couldn't be more proud to have helped developers and businesses around the world understand their user's voice with actionable analytics as we grew humbly together with the wonderful bot community.

At Facebook F8 this year, we learnt that 300,000 bots have been created in the ecosystem, and 8 billion messages were exchanged between businesses and their customers monthly - that's 700% growth compared to its bot platform launch two years ago!

Human love conversations - and bots help push the aspire steps forward.

Botimize joining UNH3O

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re joining the UNH3O family. With the closing of our public service and all the knowledge we've learned running Botimize, we are excited to build our conversational analytics into UNH3O’s Fan Relationship Management (FRM) platform. We are fundamentally changing how businesses interact with their customers at a personalized level, and we can't wait to see what's the next thing you're going to build with us! (Click HERE to sign up for front-of-line access)

What this means to you

Your privacy and data ownership is our top priority. As compliant to GDPR, we will be issuing a series of steps for you to take control of your data: we will stop all our public services from 24th May 2018 (GMT) end of day. A private link will be sent to your registered email address by 1st June 2018 (GMT) for you to download your data backup. 30 days after we send out the links, all data backup will be erased from our platform. We will not store, sell, or reuse you and your user's PII data in any format.

🙏 Big Thanks 🙏

Thank you all for supporting, learning and building with us for the past two years. It has truly been a wonderful journey. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to grow and shape the world of bots from its emergence with such a vibrant community. With the rise of smarter and more personalized capabilities, we believe bots are going to keep pushing the forefront of how conversations can bring all us closer and together. Onwards & upwards!