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Rich Visualization

Analytics for bots are different from traditional web or app analytics. We make both generic data and bot-specific metrics easy-to-understand for you with elegant visualization.

Tailored Notification

Unexpected accidents happen - and bots are not smart enough to solve them independently. Not yet. Call in human agents to save the day manually! We've got your back with emails and Slack push-notifs.

Easy To Use

Sweatless integration - keep us copied with the message exchange between users and your bot, and we'll take care of the rest. Play with your analytics on our handcrafted dashboard - data interaction's meant to be this easy.

Everything's Archived

Keep up with things in real-time, or dive into historical data anytime later for hingsights. Do it here or download CSV for offline uses - you're the boss of your own data.

Informative != Confusing. Powerfulness made simple.

Analytics reports today are too complicated to be interpreted even by their owners? We think so, too.

You'll need your analytics to be understandable to actually best use it.

At botimize, it's believed simplicity is paramount for knowledge. No more searching-through-user-manuals for that detailed definition of certain metrics. Understand what your numbers really mean whenever you see them with our intuitive design, or with handy explainations wherever we think you'd need them.

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Hear what your users are really saying.

Conversational analytics should be different from app or web analytics.

See how popular terms customers use are trending over time. This is something you can never learn about by just tracking CTRs. Listening to your users is always the one key to building a product that brings happier customers on board.

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It's as ease as 1 - 2 - 3!

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Conversation-Specific Metrics

Rich data visualization & easy-to-understand metrics, designed specifically for bots.

Discover the tipping points

With semantic analysis, listen to both what you're users are saying - and what they're not.

Live analytics for live events

Data are pulled every few milliseconds - stay tuned for up-to-date events on our real-time panel.

Frustration-free prompts

No more guessing what any metrics means. Understand what every number stands for, and make informed decisions upon them.

Actionable analytics

Instead of just passively telling you what's already happened, our real-time notification enables you to walk in any conversation and make the click, whenever needed.

Customized funnel

Validate your hypothesis by measuring the hit rate of almost any appointed end goals! (coming soon)

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